HR and payroll projects, audits and advisory in house.

About us

We are HR professionals with years of practical experience in the field and also business oriented. We focus on analyzing the current situation, defining an area for improvement or a missing area. Our interest is to find and design simple, useful and effective solution for your company  in the wide range of HR strategies, policies, as well as common agenda and administration. We do not stop designing the solution. We are also ready to participate in the implementation process and if it is solely in your hands, we are interested in the benefits of the proposed solution for your company.

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Who we work for

You may or may not know what you need. It is enough if you feel, think, have some indications, or you know that something is not as it should be. We will find reasons, impacts and suggest possible and most suitable solutions for your company.

Are you a small, med-sized company, municipality or government organization? Whether you have your own HR or not is not critical. Are there any areas or processes within HR that you do not secure, do not work for you, do not work well, or do you think they could work better? In this case, we can be the right partner for you. You can focus more on your core business and human resources will support you to achieve company business development and goals. We are business partners and support for HR as well as top management, directors and CFOs.


Our services - solutions

✔️  Protection – we support our customers to minimize the risk of sanctions that are threatened by the current extensive and difficult legislation that regulates employment and job relationship.

✔️  Development – we are looking for solutions to align employees’ expectations with defined company goals so that employees are company’s efficient resource.

✔️  Attractiveness – we support our clients to be an interesting and attractive employer for both groups – existing employees and potential job seekers.

✔️  Retention – the on-boarding, adaptation, motivation and development of employee loyalty in your company. We are looking for solutions to increase employee involvement and satisfaction.

✔️  Termination – the termination of employment in accordance with applicable legislation with respect to the possibility of maintaining a fair relationship after termination.


Our experience

Benefits for you = you will get

Effective and useful solutions

# the most appropriate from traditional, unconventional and modern solutions for your company
# solutions that take into account the context and all possible impacts

Competitive advantage

# increase your competitive ability in the field of human resources
# the company will be a fair and attractive employer
# reduce employees turnover
# increase your hiring process

Cost saving

# save the time you can spend on other activities (e.f. your core business)
# reduce the risk of penalties imposed by the institutions
# optimally use your personnel costs

Increase performance

# increase performance, stability and development of your business

Professional support

# receive business oriented professional support in HR, legislation, payroll issues and processes

HR Business Partnera​

# get HR partner and consultant for long-term or repetitive cooperation

Our values


We communicate openly, simply and clearly. What we promise, we try to fulfill. We do not promise what we know in advance that it is impossible on our part. We apply the principle of equal treatment.


We keep clear solutions and common sense.


We comply with applicable legislation, ethical principles and standards.


We do not want to be a supplier, we want to be a partner. We build our relationships and want them to be win-win.

We support, innovate, inspire.

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